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This is a region teeming with life in all its magical forms. Beavers and badgers, buzzards, foxes, deers, weasels, toads, lizards and salamanders - and even the odd wild boar may well be among your neighbours so tread carefully. Treat these creatures with respect, approach slowly and you will be rewarded with some Pyrenean magic worthy of the very best of the C.S. Lewis chronicles. A quick trip to the mountains may well reward you with a sighting of the Chamoise, the emblem of the Pyrenees or even the recently reintroduced Alpine Marmot. The Pyrenean iris, butercups, indigo blue gentians, sunflowers, scented narcissi, tyme and clusters of pink saxifrage attract butterflies of all descriptions, swallowtails, and in September the hummingbird hawk moth. And on a clear night, nightingales, owls and frogs can complement spectacular views with their unrivaled orchestral manoeuvres.